When the now listed building was opened in November 1928 it represented one of largest and most modern pupose-built multi storey parking facilities in Germany or indeed in Europe.
Increasing numbers of privately owned vehicles plus new public transport systems in combination with a narrow road system partly dating back several hundred years meant a dramatically rising demand for parking space. This was particularily true for Chemnitz, an industrial city with an already very high traffic density in the late 1920s. In oder to translate this demand into a business, this state of the art reinforced concrete construction was erected. Six floors offered rental space for over 300 cars and motorcycles.
The upper levels were reached by three goods lifts. Onside repair shops, petrol station, battery and tire service and washing facilities catered for the needs of the precious cars, whereas the tired driver could dine and rest in the attached motel. The garage was open 24/7 every single day of the year.

A late 1950s view of the site
1930 Chemnitz city map with directions to the “Stern-Garagen”

The building was converted into a warehose during the Second World War and sustained only minor damage by the air raids that devastated much of the surroundings. After the war only one floor retained its original purpose. It was being used to house and maintain the official cars of the Karl-Marx-Stadt District Coucil until the mid-1980s. The rest of the building was still used as storage room and warehouse.
Since November 2008, the ground floor has now a new function. It serves as perfect setting for our museum.

Earliest known view of the building, ca. 1929
Everything the motorist desires in this 1930s advert: Largest garage building in town, petrol station, repair shop, car parts sale, rooms with hot & cold running water