Wartburg 353W Turbine

Wartburg 353W turbine | 1979

In operation pollutant-free

Schüttoff G 500 with Stoye – Sidecar | 1928

Motorcyle from Chemnitz with Sidecar from Leipzig and an interesting history

MZ ETS 250 | VEB Motorradwerke Zschopau | 1971

One of the most sought-after MZ-models, bought spontaniously

Tandem “ESWECO” | ca. 1927

A rare Chemnitz bycicle with with a special (hi) story

Wanderer W3H 5/12 P.S. | 1913

One of the first and most succesful German small cars

Diamant Model F | Elite Diamantwerke AG | 1929

A beautiful and fast 1920s motorcyle from Saxony